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In the previous article, I talked about the Advantages of RIB in general. In this article, I will try to describe the disadvantages of RIB. below you can see the list of the RIBs disadvantages

  1. Not much help in the community
  2. Overdrawing
  3. dependency on some libraries(RxJava, Dagger2)
  4. Complicated framework
  5. No full support screen orientations
  6. Boilerplate code
  7. Poor documentation
  8. Just support activities as the base component

1. BT Disadvantages

BT — photo from

As you may know, BT has entered the world of android development from the game industry and AI. Uber RIB BT is different from BT used in the gaming industry. What Uber has…

RIB(Cross-platform architecture framework)

RIB is the cross-platform architecture framework designed by uber for mobile apps with a large number of engineers and nested states. RIB is short for Router(rouring between RIBS), Interactor(contains business logic), and Builder(instantiate all the RIB’s constituent classes) which are core components of this architecture. RIB is famous for its SOC and state handling.

In this article, I want to talk about the advantages of RIB in general. In the next articles, I explain what is disadvantages of RIBs.

Why uber decided to create RIB ?

According to the uber-blog, they had many reasons to create RIBs architecture and framework which you can see them below.

Technical dept


Fallery is a solution for creating custom online/offline gallery. reason for developing fallery is that I have not seen a gallery and media picker with high customizability for android. There are a few libraries that are interesting but that not highly customizable.

Key features

  1. Select media(photo, video) from android media store, custom offline gallery or a custom online gallery
  2. Backward compatible with android API level 14
  3. Enable or disable content observer
  4. Filter medias based on types(Photos, videos, both)
  5. Modern user interface with the capability to add new theme and languages
  6. Select media with a caption
  7. Taking photo from the camera with intent

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